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Inventories of fragments: the history, a link to a personal journey.

I am surrounded by objects of beauty, collections of items that mean something to me or have a distinctive history.

This has inspired me to look deeper into possessions, unlock the stories that these objects tell. How an object can mean so many different things depending on the person.

The aim of my work is to explore the relationship between these objects, objects that tell a story or have a meaning. I am curious. I want to give objects a new artistic identity, I want to imagine the story behind it, and I want the objects to lead me into a world of imagination.

The art of handwriting has also inspired me, and my recent collection explores this. The messages and their stories have opened up a new way of looking at text, which I have explored in a variety of media.

I am very much inspired by nostalgia, assemblage and collections. Do objects and their handwriting really reflect their owners? What story is behind the objects? The thought of looking deeper into this inspires me to look at a variety of different media and creating work that expresses my thoughts.

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